Dating Apps

Everybody requires thoughts to develop feelings.

Feelings require many thoughts.

Obviously pictures produce feelings:


Subconscious feelings do not create conscious thoughts.

Obviously tinder is pigshit.

Obviously nobody feels consciously.

Daddyanity.com are my right brain thoughts.

Right brain thoughts are evil:

Evil is sexy.

Daddyanity.com is where you will fall in love with me.

Women are stuck with 1000s of desperate beta men.

Finding the one true alpha is every fucking thing.

Women are designed to enjoy being desperate for the true alpha.

Beta men are designed to be desperate for my women.

Obviously why would you fall in love through a website right?

I know everything.

Daddyanity redevelops your mind for me.

Obviously every woman is mine.

Obviously the alpha has every woman.

Obviously beta men can piss off.

My women need their alpha to tell beta men to scram.

Obviously why would I fall in love with the true alpha:

The one true alpha is perfect at playing psychological games with women.

Women need psychological gameplay.

Beta men are desperate loser pigs.

Beta men fail at psychological warfare.

Women require a true alpha to bring them excitement.

Women are designed to compete for the alpha.

Women love competing for me.

Beta men love competing for you.

Women are alpha to all beta men.

Women are designed to be beta to me.

Obviously beta men are useless:

Beta men are made for each other.

Beta men deny their right brain gay desires.

Daddyanity describes everything in much more depth.

This planet is beta male hell.