About Jack

Jack / Daddy  -  Leader of Daddyanity.com

"MBTI has low level accuracy results elsewhere. I built MBTI.AI to offer a bit of everything good. MBTI desperately needs updating. Please see: About MBTI


Jack is extremely developed emotionally.

Jack's subconscious is now perfection.

Jack has a perfect Ti personality.

Ti is Daddy.

Jack and Daddy live within 1 brain.

Multiple personalities are normal when developed.

Jack created MBTI.ai

Daddy developed the logic.

Jack is a developed INFJ in MBTI.

Daddy is a developed INTP in MBTI.

MBTI is extremely inaccurate.

Personalities are infinitely complex.

Daddy had written bottom-heavy Ni descriptions of the problems.

Jack is extremely excited about personalities.

Jack really looks forward to reading a new science.

Daddy has given just enough information to create a new science.

The new MBTI replacement will fit like a puzzle just like MBTI.

All tips exist here on MBTI.ai and on Daddyanity.com.

Daddyanity is a compiled list of everything.

Daddyanity is designed to ease into serious topics.

Daddyanity detracts arrogant people.

Daddyanity is extremely subconscious.

The majority of thoughts are hidden from your conscious.

Daddyanity is extreme descriptions of unknown feelings.

Describing subconscious thoughts feels obvious.

However subconscious thoughts are unknown until described.

Daddyanity is to make subconscious feelings conscious.

This planet is very subconsciously evil.

Describing subconscious evil is everything.

Pointing out subconscious evil is everything.

People do not realise subconscious evil until they read Daddyanity completely.

Daddyanity is designed for slow methodical thinkers.

Every thought on Daddyanity has a following hidden thought.

Skim reading Daddyanity misses all hidden thoughts.

These hidden thoughts are almost always subconscious.

Daddyanity is a giant logic structure.

Daddyanity is sculpting you a perfect subconscious.

Daddyanity will develop your brain.

Daddyanity will make you more conscious.

Daddyanity will create logic structure to make you feel more alive.

Many people will not get far through Daddyanity.

Reading every website in order is extremely rewarding subconsciously.

This planet is extremely boring.

Daddyanity is extremely interesting.

Developing your subconscious is everything.

Daddyanity will make you strong-minded.

Dadyanity will make you understand problems to extreme lengths.

Subconscious understanding can only be given by God.